2012 Sustaining Peace Forum

Sustaining Peace 2012


This Event Occurred on Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 from 2pm to 8:30pm Teachers College, Columbia University.


Book Launch and Keynote from Peter T. Coleman “What if We Took Peace Seriously?”

AC4 co-director, ICCCR director, and professor Peter T.Coleman discusses the question “What if We Took Peace Seriously?” with panel speakers Beth Fisher-Yoshida, Susan Opotow, Evelin Linder and Eric Marcus. Talk presented at Teachers College, Columbia University during the event “Sustaining Peace: Interdisciplinary Perspectives,” November 7, 2012

Poster Session

Featuring presentations from:

Ethos of Peace and Conflict 

Fortune Society Participatory Action Research

Conflict Resolution Working Group: Trip to North Korea

Sustainable Peace and Land Tenure in Haiti 

Engaging Governments in Genocide Prevention 

and from AC4 Fellows:

Jonathan Blake – Political Science – Northern Ireland, Nationalism

Joe Brown – Political Science – States, Non-State Actors and Conflict

Christine Webb – Psychology – goals, strategies for reconciliation



Facilitation Skill Building in Conflict Settings

Urban Public Spaces and Community

If the Wheels Fall Off: Competing Arguments on the Prevention of Mass Atrocities

Taking a Communication Perspective for Sustainable Peace

Culturally Relevant Urban Wellness: Bridging the Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal Divide among Youth in Vancouver, British Columbia

Applying Dynamical Systems Theory

Is the environment a good tool for peacemaking?

Designing Teaching and Training Tools for the Emerging Fields of Peacebuilding, Fragile States and Natural Resource Management

Applying Dynamical Systems Theory to Support Myanmar’s Peace Processes